Hug Day Special : Hug style images, pictures, wallpapers, quotes, sayings, sms and much more

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Hug Day : Many people are searching with terms like day on 12th february, which day on 12 feb or which day fall in valentine week on 12 february. For those people I am writing this post. I would like to tell you that after promise day these is hug day on feb 12 and after hug day there is kiss day on feb 13. This is a collection of feb 12 day i.e. Hug day sms and shayari collection.

Quote on Hug and Hugging

Here is collection of hug day great quotes and shayari in form of great sayings.

  • Hug is a gift that can never be given without return i.e. You have to return a hug when someone give you one. Lets try this ?

    Happy Hug Day.
  • Everyone needs a hug because it increases metabolism and hence boost energy production rate in body.
    May I boost your energy level ?
    Happy Hug Day.
  • Hug Department : Always Open.
  • Hugging money is time waste because it never hug you back so I suggest every girl to hug me because I'll hug you back.

  • I want to wrap your heart in my arms. May I ?
  • A hug is the shortest distance between two friends.

SMS on Hug and Hugging Style

After the collection of hug day great quotes and shayari in form of great sayings here is collection of hug day sms in english, hindi and other local language.

  • A Hug is an universally adopted system for sharing feelings between two hearts.

    Mine want to share some feelings with yours. Lets try if it works ?
  • A hug is the way of shaking hands by two hearts.
    My heart want to shake hand with yours. May I proceed ?
    You may send this sms to your girl friend or boy friend(s).
  • A Kiss without hug is like a flower without fragrence.
    A two in one sms message. Work fine for hug and kiss day.
  • I wanted to say thousand words to you but yesterday someone told me that a hug worth more than thousand words. Now I am thinking about giving a hug to you.
    Is it fine ?

Images Wallpapers and Scraps on Hug Day and Hugging Style

Here are some images that shows hug styles and are funny hug images that tell how to hug your loved ones.


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